Honour Frames

We Specialise In Honour Frames


Our Honour Frames make excellent gifts for family and friends or retirement gifts for the end of a service career.  They are meticulously hand made on-site using conservation methods and nothing is outsourced so you can rest assured your honour frame will be handled with the utmost care.

We provide a one on one service to create the design for your frame and can include replica medals & badges or original items. We include an engraved brass plaque with the individual’s name, unit, and brief service history and can assist with research if required.  

If you would like to include a photo or photos in the frame, please supply us with an original photo or email us a scanned image (highest resolution possible). We can repair any cracks, tears or watermarks, etc that may also be in the photo.

Our honour frames are CUSTOM made so there is no frame exactly the same.  We can include whole collections, extra insignia, a long service history plaque (laser engraved), additional photos, original memorabilia and medals. Whatever the case may be, we are not happy unless you are happy.



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