Medal Remounting

Lone Pine Medal Remounting



Contact us direct for all your medal mounting and medal restoration requirements and rest assured that your medals will be treated with the utmost care and attention.  Medals will be mounted according to Commonwealth protocol using the highest quality ribbon imported from Toye Kenning & Spencer UK.  We recommend posting your current or antique medals via Registered Post or Express Post with a signature on delivery. Once they have arrived we will let you know and email an invoice through.

If required, we will clean your medals using professional polishing methods which will not damage the surface of the medals.  We NEVER use glue or adhesives which contain acids that will not only harm your medals, but the ribbon as well. We use only the highest quality conservation tape and medals are hand sewn down. When we court mount medals we use an acrylic backing board, the best method by far, with the longest life span and guaranteed not to degrade in your lifetime.

Swing Mounting

This method secures the medals from the mounting bar only and, as suggested, they swing against each other freely. This method was mostly used during WW1 & WW2 and it is less popular now as it is known to cause damage to your medals when they hit against each other causing dings and scratches.

Please Note: The maximum number of full size medals that can be swing mounted is FIVE.


  • Swing Mounting per full size Medal $30

  • Court/Swing Mounting per miniature Medal $20

Court Mounting

This method secures the medals to a perspex backing board.  Wrapped completely with the medal ribbon, the medals are then firmly secured and hand stitched to ensure they don’t hit against each other. This is the current protocol for serving members and is by far the best looking way to mount your medals. There are NO glues used in this process.

  • Court Mounting per full size Medal $30

  • Court/Swing Mounting per miniature Medal $20

Clutch pin back

Brooch pin back

A Checklist For You

  • All our medal groups have an even 9.5cm drop according to Commonwealth Protocol.

  • The mounting bar is hand sewn on for long life and stability.

  • All the bars/clasps are hand sewn on, not glued.

  • We individually hand sew each medal to the backing across the neck of the medal to ensure it is held in place.

  • We are renowned for our customer service, if there is a problem with the work we will rectify that problem as swiftly as we can
  • We clean and polish your medals before we mount them, we don’t use harsh cleaners like Silvo or Brasso, but only silver foam and silver cloths. No scratches!!!!!

Care Of Your Medals

Never use any abrasive liquid cleaners like Silvo or Brasso, these will scratch your medals and leave ugly marks on the ribbon.

If your medals are lightly tarnished try using a clean, dry soft cloth, this will usually remove most surface dirt and grease.

If this isn’t sufficient try a silver cleaning cloth, available from most good jewellers. Be aware that this will remove most of light tarnish but you must avoid hitting the ribbon with them as they will leave marks that cannot be removed.

If you would like professional care of your medals, we will clean, polish and restore as close to their former glory as possible and advise if your ribbons need replacing too.


Medal bags

All of our medal sets come with a protective medal bag, for safe storage.